How To Repair Tiled Roof

If you want to know how to repair tiled roof? There is more than one reason for Roof Tile Damage, and such damages often lead to additional Roof Damage. Roof Tiles are an essential part of our home, it protects us from the weather outside and keeps us safe inside. However, when there are Damaged Roof Tiles, you might need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on Roof Tile Repair. But what if you can do it yourself? Surely that will be more budget-friendly for you? Well, it can be a more affordable alternative to Professional Roof Tile Repair.

However, if the repairs are not done correctly, you can expect to lose quite a lot of money on it. So, we recommend only doing it yourself if you are aware of what you are doing.

How To Repair Tiled Roof

Type Of Roof Tile Damage

Roof Tile Damage is not limited to single form damage; instead, various types of damage’s part of it. From something minor to the major. So, what are these Roof Tile Damages, and what causes them? That’s coming up right next:-

Brittle Roof Tile

The most common cause of brittle Roof Tile is usually due to untreated clay underneath. Under normal circumstances, the clay used for applying Roof Tiles needs to be treated and applied in a specific technique. And if that is not followed, it will result in brittle tiles, which leads to Damaged Roof Tiles and the need for Roof Tile Repairs.

Untreated Roof Tiles

Not only should the clay be treated, but the Roof Tiles themselves also need to be treated. If you leave a tile without treatment, it will become damaged, and it will look shabby as well. And the damage is usually caused by the moisture that can penetrate inside the tiles due to being left untreated.

Fallen Tree Branches

Falling tree branches often lead to Roof Tiles being cracked in multiple places. And it is a type of Roof Tile Damage that’s quite common if you have a tree above your roof. The only option to protect your tiles from such damage is usually carefully cutting off the weak branches over the tiles.

Roof Tile Leaking

In many cases, the roof starts to leak in the heavy rain or whenever there’s water on the top. It is a type of damage caused mainly by improper tile sealing or low tile sealant use. In some specific conditions and cases, it can also be caused by other forms of damage to the roof itself.

Types Of Roof Tile Repairs You Can Attempt

While we never recommend using DIY Roof Tile Repairs, there are cases when you are left with no choice. So, what are some of the easiest and standard Roof Tile Repairs that you can do at home?

Using Plastic Roof Cement

When there are small cracks or holes in your Roof Tiles, using plastic roof cement might be the best choice for you. The first thing that you need to do is scrub the area of crack and hole. After scrubbing thoroughly, you need to open the plastic roof cement and fill the gap with plastic cement. It’s one of the easiest Roof Tile Repair methods that you can use.

Repairing Roof Tile Leaking

Roof Tile Leaking is a bigger problem that you would never want to tackle alone. The prime reason being it’s not the problem with the roof itself; instead, it’s with the membrane underneath. The first thing you need to do is locate the area with a leak. Second, you need to carefully remove the Roof Tiles from that area and around it. Afterward, you need to patch the leak with some water-based sealant. And you can finish the job by placing all the tiles you removed back.

Repairing Broken Tiles

Broken Roof Tiles often look ugly, and it also decreases the overall look of the entire house. So, what should you do in such cases? First, you need to remove the whole and all the pieces of broken tiles. Second, you need to carefully apply the plastic roof cement underneath the tile and above the roof. Make sure to spread it evenly. 

Lastly, you must carefully place all the broken tile pieces to ensure they don’t look out of place and firmly press on them. It will ensure all the tiles stick with the surface evenly and firmly. It is probably the trickiest method of Roof Tile Repairs that might require you to do some practice before trying it.

Why Is Calling The Professionals The Best Decision?

Not everyone is effective and efficient in Roof Tile Repairs, and indeed not a person who lacks training. So, in such cases, the ideal choice you can make is to call for Professional Root Tile Repair Service. Roof Tile Repairs are best when done by an expert, and it ensures you get the highest quality repairs for all sorts of Roof Tile Damages. Additionally, by hiring Roof Repair Technicians, you don’t have to worry about your safety or the safety of the roof. The entire process will be conducted by a licensed and trained professional plumber who knows what they are doing.

And it will make your life a little bit easier than anything else you have seen before. So, we always recommend going for professional Roof Tile Repairs whenever you have some Roof Tile Damage.