How To Read Gas Meter Follow These Easy Tips

The importance of natural gas in our day-to-day lives is simply undeniable. It is the gas meter that measures the amount of gas you use. The utility company uses the gas meter readings to send you the bill. However, total dependability on them is never a good idea. You must at least know how to read the gas meter. There are various types of gas meters in the market. The steps will differ depending on the type you have. Are you ready to know how to read gas meter?

How To Read Gas Meter? | Follow These Simple & Easy Tips

Various Types Of Gas Meter Readings

There are several kinds of gas meters. Hover, you can broadly categorize them into two distinct types – non-SMART and SMART. Check out the easy tips on how to read gas meter and read them with relative ease.


These are of three types. They are –

Dial meter

  • Most of the dial-meter-style gas meters have more than four dials.
  • Every dial displays the digits from 0 to 9.
  • You must take into account the first four dials from the left reaction to the right.
  • Write down the numbers where the pointer has just moved.

For example, if it’s between 1 and 2, you will take the reading as 1.

Digital imperial meter

  • Here, the display shows 4 numbers in either black or white.
  • It is followed by two digits that are highlighted in red.
  • Take note of the first four digits from the left direction to the right.
  • Do not consider the other numbers in red.
  • Re-check it again.

Digital metric meter

Here, you will see five digits and after that a decimal which is again followed by numbers.

  • Note down the first five digits from the left direction to the right.
  • Do not take into account the numbers present after the decimal.
  • You will find these numbers in either red or any light color.
  • Re-check the digits for double assurance.
  • These are ways in how to read gas meter (non-SMART)


These are of three types. They are –

Meters with buttons

  • Here, you will see two buttons “A” and “B”
  • Keep on pressing the “A” button. Continue this until you observe METER INDEX.
  • Then, the numbers will appear along with M3.
  • Take note of the number before the decimal point.
  • Don’t take into account any zero at the beginning.

Meters with keypads

  • For this, you will have to press 9 on the gas meter keypad.
  • After this, you will see the term “VOLUME” on the display screen.
  • After that, you will see some digits with M3 written underneath.
  • Take note of the numbers just before the decimal.
  • Do not consider the zeroes that occur at the start.

Display Unit at Home

  • In this unique home display unit, select the “menu” option.
  • Then scroll down the options and press on “meter reading”.
  • You can now see the digits.
  • Only consider the numbers before the decimal.
  • Do not take into account any zero at the start.

These are ways in how to read gas meter (SMART)

You can now follow these easy steps and read the gas meter, irrespective of its type.

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There are various types of gas meters available in the market. Some are easy to prepare while others might prove to be difficult. For that, you must know how to read gas meter. In case you are having trouble reading it correctly, taking expert assistance is the best solution.

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