How To Install Gutter Guards? 5 Best Plumbing Tips

Does the sound of cleaning the gutter make you nauseous? We understand, but the essentiality of gutter maintenance makes it one of the most crucial household chores. If you do not conduct proper preservation, then the rainwater from the roof can form a puddle. This will eventually lead to extensive water damage and affect the foundation of your house. It is vital that the gutters remain clean and free of dust, debris, twigs, leaves, and other materials. However, if you are unsure about regular maintenance, gutter guards can help you out. They prevent the formation of blockage and thus aid in the preservation of the gutter system. Do you want to know how to install gutter guards?

5 Best Plumbing Tips to Hot to Install Gutter Guards

There are various plumbing suggestions that can help you with the proper installation of the gutter guards. Are you eager to understand how to install gutter guards? Check out the tips listed here to know more.

Clean the Gutters

One of the most critical tips on how to install gutter guards is to clean the gutter thoroughly. Firstly, try to remove the debris as much as you can physically. Then, you can use the hose to ensure that there is no blockage inside.

Tip: Be careful while being on the ladder and ensure that you do not slip as the water can cause slipperiness. Moreover, wear gloves so that you don’t get cuts or scratches while cleaning the gutters.

Take Accurate Measurements of the Mesh

It is crucial that you take the right mesh measurements. For that, you will have to roll out the mesh and measure it from one end of the gutter to another. In order to be extra sure, it is better to leave a little space for the aspect of overlapping.

Put in the Mesh Trim

Placing the mesh trim correctly is a vital criterion in how to install gutter guards. You must ensure that you secure the trim along the already drilled pilot holes.

Cut the Mesh

The next tip after placing the mesh trim is to make appropriate cuts. Generally, two cuts of about 40 mm are made underneath each saddle per the second corrugation. It is to ensure that the contour of the mesh syncs perfectly with the roof. Moreover, it can also enhance the degree of protection.

Fix the Saddles

One of the most vital steps in how to install gutter guards is screwing the saddle on the roof. However, to do this, you must apply some pressure, so that it does not slip out when you are drilling it onto the roof. Since this tip is the most crucial, make sure that you don’t hurry. Moreover, you must over-tighten the screws. It can actually lead to the breakage of the threads, which can ultimately cause issues for you in the future.

How to Choose the Right Type of Gutter Guard?

There are mainly three basic types when it comes to gutter guards – surface tension units, gutter filters, and mesh screens. Once you determine the budget, you can decide on the type of gutter guard that you want for your house.

Mesh gutter guards fall in the mid-expensive category. They are costlier than the gutter filters that are fitted within the gutter. However, surface tension units are the most expensive ones. They can be installed over the existing gutters.

Install Gutter Guards Service

Want to Install Gutter Guards? Get Professional Aid Now!

Gutter guards offer an extra layer of protection to the gutter system. They prevent the accumulation of leaves, twigs, debris, etc., and keep the gutter free from any clog. There are various DIY plumbing tips that can help you in gutter guard repair & installation. For that, you must know how to install gutter guards. However, if you encounter issues or do not have enough plumbing experience, getting in touch with experts is the best solution!

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