What Is Roof Sarking?

It is true that the roof of your house provides an enhanced degree of protection from harsh environmental conditions. Whether it is a torrential downpour or piercing sunshine, a sturdy roof can offer a unique kind of safety to the inhabitants of the house. One of the most vital elements that aid the roof in providing defense is sharking. Do you want to know what is roof sarking?

Let’s Know More About What is Sarking in Roof?

What is sarking in the roof? It is basically a pliable thin sheet mostly composed of aluminum foil. This is fitted under the tiles and offers an extra layer of protection to the roof in the form of insulation. Moreover, it is waterproof and durable. Did you know that can reflect more than 97% of the sun’s radiant heat? Furthermore, in case of rain, the excess water is channeled into the gutters to avoid damage.


Are There Different Types of Roof Sarking Available?

Now you know what is roof sarking. It is time to learn more about the types. There are various kinds of roof sarking available. Though the primary purpose, i.e., protection is the same, some have some exclusive features. For instance, you can purchase a sarking with extra thermal insulation. Besides, you can also look at the ones that offer protection from hails. In this case, geographical location and weather condition matters a great deal. Also, the types of roofs you have can play a significant factor. There are different types available or metal and tiled roofs.

Is it Mandatory to Install Roof Sarking in NSW Australia?

is roof sarking mandatory or necessary in nsw? According to the BCA or the Building Code of Australia, modern tiled roofs of residential properties having rafters with lengths of more than six meters must have roof sarking. For this, you must know what is roof sarking. Despite not being mandatory, it is advisable that all roofs – metal or tile install. It is to ensure that there is an added protection to the residents inside the house.

Understand What is Sarking in Roof & Benefits

There are numerous advantages that you can get from the installation of sarking. Check out some of them listed here.

  1. Provides Protection from Storms

When you live in a nation where harsh environmental conditions are frequent, it is an excellent idea to invest in roof sarking. With this added protection, you can now safeguard the roof from flying debris, hails, heavy rainfall, etc. All of these can cause extensive damage to the roof. Moreover, it also eliminates the accumulation of moisture, which in turn could cause water damage inside the house.

  1. Acts as an Excellent Dust Barrier

It acts as efficient dust barriers. It blocks the entry of airborne dust from the roof space through the downlights and vents inside the house. Now, it can lead to potentially dangerous health situations. It can cause a plethora of health issues, including irritation on the skin, asthma, respiratory problems, etc.

  1. Saves Energy

As per new laws, every new home in Australia must match the minimum energy efficiency standards. You might not know, but roof sarking helps to save a considerable amount of energy. In summer, it reflects the heat of the sun and aids in keeping the house relatively cool. And during the water, it reduces the heat loss and keeps the house warm.

  1. Protects the Roof Cavity

One of the most favorable aspects of sarking in the roof is the protection of the roof cavity. In the event of heavy rain and high-speed winds, the roof cavity becomes vulnerable. Moreover, if renovation or construction is undergoing in the interior part of the house, then sarking can block water damage to a great extent.

  1. Provides Fire Protection

In case of a bushfire, sarking can protect the house from the embers that are flying towards it. This extra protection can increase the safety of the people residing inside the house.

Want to Install? Get Professional Assistance Now!

Now that you know everything about it, you clearly understand its benefits as well. There are a plethora of advantages that you can gain from the installation of roof sarking. While there are some DIY tips that you can follow for its establishment, we recommend getting professional help. You don’t want to mess up the first line of defense to your property. If you want to install roof sarking then hire our professional roof plumber.

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